See what our clients are saying:

I have worked with CGC over a number of years, in many countries and cultures. They are one of the most challenging and innovative people I have worked with. They transformed the approach and attitude of a complete major client group across our business and enabled us to achieve stunning results. They are stimulating, challenging and always results (and change) focused. Great group, great asset.
— Peter Hutchinson - President Bovis Lendlease
I have known Craig for nearly 10 years now having engaged his services several, separate times to deliver simplicity and high performance into teams struggling through the challenges of clinical drug development. I would have no hesitation recommending CGC for their insightful, enthusiastic, personable approach to deliver results beyond individual and team expectation, whilst maintaining a professional, business orientated approach to ensure the expectations of key stakeholders are met.
— Gordon Dingwall - Program manager at multi-national pharmaceutical
CGC’s work as “performance engineers” is second to none. CGC always acts in positive, forward moving manner and are experts in working through the chaos and driving results in even the murkiest of environments. When you work with CGC, expect to be working on the one singular most important objective- results! CGC has a way of helping clients not only see what needs to be done, but helps them execute on the actions that need to take place in order for you to succeed. CGC are very successful and what they does and they do it in a generous, proactive manner.
— Evan Goldfarb - SVP Sales at Rentrak
CGC spent three days working with our Board. Their enthusiasm and hard work generated some surprising and extremely positive outcomes and helped us generate a plan for change. Craig was particularly skilled at helping the group address the more difficult issues. Following this workshop he has shown an unusual level of dedication and commitment to our organisation. I have no hesitation recommending CGC to any business which wants to embark on a programme of transformation.
— Ian Rogers - Director at Arup
I have known Craig since 1995, when we worked together on the Wandoo project. More recently CGC have done a number of pieces of work with my organisation, most recently with my Board. Individually they are great, as a combination they have exceeded my already high expectations. Thanks guys. I look forward to much greater possibilities.
— Robert Care - Chairman Arup UKMEA
CGC has the remarkable ability to illustrate unforeseen hurdles in the way of personal progress and chart a course to address or navigate around them. They are both insightful and thought provoking and I would highly recommend CGC as a resource to any company with multiple teams working toward a singular objective.
— Joseph Reid - MD at Krux Digital EU