Performance Projects

A Critical Game Performance Project is:

  •  developed from a fresh mind-set perspective, which is free from past-based constraints. It requires new and innovative approaches and solutions to capitalize on opportunities and address challenges and problems. These Projects demand inspirational leadership, collaboration, coordinated action, and “best for project” decision-making.
  •  organized to achieve a specific set of bold and aggressive, quantifiable and record-breaking business goals. Very often, these projects require superior alignment from traditionally competitive contracting entities, or with teams who are not used to working interdependently.

Critical Game Performance Projects have set new documented industry norms in the following performance areas:

  • Significant accelerations in project milestones and schedule completion;
  • Elevated collaboration and cooperation between contracting entities and third parties;
  • Increased profits through highly successful project alliances, partnerships and relational strategies;
  • Improved effectiveness, coordination, speed and reliability on projects with multiple partners; and
  • Implementation of new project behaviours and actions that allow for breakthrough results and performance

Sample of Critical Game Performance Projects:

Increased Project Profit: Coached multiple contracting teams in a complex network of partners to dramatically reduce CAPEX for implementing additional capacity to a “live” off-shore platform. Against the industry norm and project forecast, this teams final delivery produced a 62% documented CAPEX reduction and an early completion.

Schedule Accelerations: Enhanced ROI by launching new relational model for off-shore EPC project delivery. First oil was achieved 9 months ahead of schedule; $75M cost savings in CAPEX. Winner of multiple Global Construction awards.

Superior Project Alignment: Formulated and implemented oil and construction Alliance to build 1600 retail sites across 16 markets and geographies; Against the programs forecast, the sites delivered 43% aggregate cost savings while meeting tight timelines and high visual standards. Global alliance formed and is still delivering new projects and programs world-wide.

Employee Engagement:  Launched a new set of core values, which took an organization from being "merely sales-driven and numbers focused." This new customer-first approach caused an organizational turnaround in employee alignment and participation. Their employee engagement score increased by more than 25% within 12 months taking them from worst in Asia Pacific to within a few points of being the best.

Operational Excellence: Impacted six under-performing areas in manufacturing and supply chain management inside a longer-term Manufacturing Excellence 2020 goal. Six high performance project teams were launched using our 90-day micro-strategy approach. Key results: a) delivered significant increases in staff recruitment and reduction in turnover, b) Mapped SOP and plant manufacturing process for increased operating efficiencies (92 SOPs and five plant site process maps formulated/approved), and c) significant reduction in worker safety incidents. This initial Critical Game project was followed by a Peak Season Readiness project. Key result: the manufacturing and supply chain team went from 50% to 90% readiness in four months.

Team Performance Excellence: Shifted the mindset operating behaviors of a team from being technical, tactical, transactional and territorial to being technological, team-focused and transformed (guiding, shaping, leading, integrating, performing). Team performance results have increased substantially in line with their micro-strategy goals for 2015.

Peak Performance Culture/Interventions: Dismantled turf issues and re-engaged contracting entities to meet critical project deadlines on a major off-shore gas pipeline project running 6 months behind schedule; First gas shipped on time and all contract deliverables successfully met.

Critical Game Performance Teams

Over time, corporate, team and leadership cultures “evolve or devolve” rather than being intentionally “designed”. Work practices and lines of communication develop and become embedded throughout an organization or team, forming mindsets (perceptions) that shape the thinking, action and performance. Mostly these perceptions go unexamined and can limit creativity, pro-activity, collaboration and effectiveness.

CGC works with organisations and project delivery teams to shift their existing perception to a framework of inspiration through which they view their work and business imperatives. Old work and communication practices are retired and replaced with new innovative practices. This newly designed framework inspires breakthrough thinking, action and results, mobilizing teams and their performance.

We are primarily engaged by corporate clients to deliver significant and sustainable performance shifts in the following areas:

Peoplewe help and guide teams to remove persistent barriers or constraints which may be keeping them from working collaboratively as a high performance team. We provide tools and approaches to help them see the limitations of how they are currently operating, to break down functional silos, and shift inherited culture, focus and conversational dialogue from “I/me/mine” to “We/ours”.

Purpose: we help teams to establish clarity about their larger purpose inside of a future that they aspire to create together which fulfills not only their individual concerns, but also addresses the larger concerns (often undefined or unstated) of their company, and the communities and society in which they operate.

Process: in order to function at the level of high performance, internal processes and systems must be rapidly re-designed to support high performance and the people who they are intended to serve or support. We create short to long-term projects which go to work on those areas where performance is sub-optimal with a focus on how to make processes/systems operate substantially better.

: the results produced by a highly committed team, one which is aligned around a larger purpose, and working collaboratively with efficient processes and systems in place, will rather naturally achieve a significant shift upward in performance vs. a team working inside a different context of survival and working independently, for example.



Aligned Leadership

CGC works with executive groups to transform them into highly aligned leadership teams that provide the necessary inspirational leadership to their organizations. Working with a unique method, leaders design an “Inspiring Strategic Frame” that galvanizes their organization, and a set of well-defined breakthrough outcomes that can be launched and acted upon immediately. Through facilitation, the leadership team creates a bold view of a new future and a detailed plan for how to fuel alignment, effective action and sustainable value. Through coaching, the team members establish a commitment to each other, to their organizations future and the necessary behavioural framework that will drive behaviors and underpin success. Individual executives become a true leadership team with a single shared commitment, shared goals, aligned decisions, common behavioural and business structures and an inspired outlook for the organizations future.

Executive Coaching and Mentoring for High Impact

Today’s executives and leaders are up to making happen, what was once considered to “be impossible”. They want to contribute something extra-ordinary and difference making inside of their organizations that also sets new standards for their industries and beyond. To do so necessitates preparing and equipping both them and their constituencies in new ways of thinking, acting (behaving), and organizing to continuously elevate not only performance, but the ways in which that new performance is achieved. One-on-one executive coaching for high-potentials leaders and managers is designed to: dramatically and rapidly increase the leaders’ ability to inspire, encourage and develop the next generation of high potentials, build championship teams equipped to powerfully deliver on their organizations business imperatives, and enhance the leaders’ abilities to galvanize their staff and members to greater levels of measurable accomplishment.

Executives and senior leaders who want to operate at peak performance, while continuing to grow and expand, often engage an executive coach to allow them to move to the next level of development professionally and personally. Coaching can provide different vantage points or openings to see challenges with relationships or strategic implementation, for example, from a different or new perspective, and to discover ones own blindspots or gaps regarding current ways of operating.

At Critical Game Consulting, we employ our proprietary CAUSE coaching methodology: The first three elements are qualitative while the last two lend themselves more readily to being quantifiable.

  • Core Values - are at the core of what is undeniably important to each person. It provides a kind of purpose for existence. These will differ from person to person and, once uncovered or discovered can provide tremendous insights to an executive or senior leader about why they value one thing more than another. We employ a simple methodology and set of questions that helps people to uncover what is most important, and what they would be unwilling to give up under any or most circumstances.
  • Aspirations - we help people to get clear on what they really want to accomplish that may not seem now to be realizable. When people are naturally at work to fulfill on their aspirations they often feel inspired.
  • Unstoppability - we ask our clients are you being unstoppable or hesitant to accomplish those things most important to you, and if being hesitant what is the source of that?
  • Success Metrics - once a person is clear about their core vlaues, aspirations and where they are willling to be dedicated or play full-out without hesitation, then it is important to shift gears and move from the qualitative to the quantifiable by saying: If you were being or living your Core Values and being unstoppable, what would you accomplish inside of your defined aspiration. 
  • Engagement - to play a big game requires the involvement of many people in order to be realized. The fifth question we explore is around the question, if you were really connected with people and team behind a common purpose, a shared action plan and common objectives, what could you really accomplish?

A Strengths Based Approach

High performing teams must possess a combination of mutual trust, respect, clear expectations, and talent alignment, which involves everyone doing what they do best,in order to consistently operate and be successful at a high level of performance.

In  order to create and sustain an engaged, strengths-based culture within an organization, we often utilize Gallup's StrengthsFinder  and Cultural Engagement (Gallup Q12) tools. The Strengths Finder assessment has been developed over the past 30 years, and is built on a strong analytical platform and database, having been taken by 12 million people (online) in most of the countries around the world. 

 Research from Gallup indicates that:

  • People who use their strengths in the workplace every day are six times more likely to be engaged on the job.  

  • Teams that focus on strengths every day have 12.5% greater productivity.

In order to facilitate Strengths-based conversations in our performance-focused consulting and coaching programs, we use the StrengthsFinder assessment, which measures a person’s natural talents within 34 themes, and then identifies the Top 5 most dominant themes (areas of strength) for an individual. By revealing the ways in which each person most naturally thinks, feels, and behaves, StrengthsFinder helps individuals discover and build upon the areas in which they have the most potential to develop and succeed. 

The StrengthsFinder Assessment can be offered as part of Critical Game Consulting's individual coaching,  team workshop or a leadership development program.


compliance approach.JPG

Adaptive Corporate Compliance Strategies Linked to Game Changing Performance

Specifically, we employ a “3 D” Discovery process to work and empower teams and individuals to achieve their invented future of desired high performance results. To accomplish this, we focus as much (or even more) on the environmental/cultural/circumstantial context (i.e. the background and unstated perspectives in which events, circumstances or assumptions currently exist or are seen) that a team is dealing with as the content.

Diagnose: what’s working/not working as well as it potentially could? What areas could/should the company or team focus on that would significantly alter our current level of performance?

Design/Develop: what could we create and invent that would represent a significant change from how we have operated in the past or are operating now?

Deliver: what will we accomplish together that would represent an untrendable and unexpected result from the status quo by undertaking new actions that we are not taking now, and may not even seen as possible before?



Creating World-class Manufacturing & Supply Chain Cultures of Performance With Zero Tolerance for Non-Safety Events & Harm 

The work of Critical Game Consulting in manufacturing and supply chain teams has been primarily focused in Value Chain and Operational Excellence projects in China based on automotive and other industry benchmarks  (e.g. BMW and Bosch as benchmarks). Our primary consultant expert in manufacturing and supply chain management has over 20 years of experience working with customers in China.

Doing things in new ways with higher manufacturing and supply chain productivity and efficiency yields is a Critical Game "must achieve" business imperative of cost-effective performance for thousands of  manufacturing plants operating throughout the various regions of  China. Worker costs and benefit have continued to rise dramatically for the past several years. At the same time, worker retention and recruitment of new employees continues to be a major problem. New approaches and solutions must be found to address the issues facing manufacturing facilities.

It is no longer acceptable throughout China to rely on unskilled and untrained workers for "cheapest" manufacturing. What is required right now, and for the coming years ahead, is effective production processes, planning, implementation, monitoring and tracking with improved warehousing, automation and innovation based on an engaged, motivated and skilled working force that can work within reducing standards for overtime and rising standards for Health, Safety and the Environment (HSE).

The Critical Game Consulting approach begins with: 1)  a "temperature check" assessment and diagnosis of prevailing challenges, issues and conditions across on-site manufacturing and supply chain management staff, company internal systems and processes, b) discovery and development of new ways of operating from short-term (90-day microstrategies), mid-term objectives for the coming 1-2 years, and long-term (focused on the vision and mission of the company for the coming 4-5 years). Integrating these three different perspectives into a Manufacturing Excellence strategy and outcomes plan allows for a step-by-step approach which improves cost-of-goods performance and reduces low cost-effectiveness use of working captital (e.g. as a result of poor production forecasting and planning, post-manufacturing inventory linked to insufficent management and monitoring of distribution and shipping urgency for already manufactured goods).

Our proven approach leads to a higher level of teamwork and collaboration amongst manufacturing and supply chain management staff, lower COGS and improved effectiveness and efficiencies, and a step-by-step manufacturing and supply chain management approach improvement plan focused on the responsible team members taking accountability for the identification of the most pressing and serious problems to be addressed in the short-term for better cash flow and working capital leverage, while working towards a longer term vision of what Manufacturing Excellence could look like vs. other company benchmarks within the client's industry of reference. 




Creating World-class Safety Cultures of Performance Everywhere With Zero Hazard & Preventable Harm 

Quickly closing what can only be described as a large void between business-as-usual attitudes and behaviors on worker and employee safety in the emerging/developing world, and world-class practices in developed countries is a key part of Critical Game Consulting's Mission. Human and financial costs associated with worker Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) trade-off strategies designed to achieve cheapest production costs are unacceptably high in too many working environments for employees globally. However, this is especially prevalent in emerging/developing countries where worker-related death and serious injuries are all too common.

In the summer of 2014, in a Chinese city where a CGC consultant was working, a tragic explosion took place after dust particles ignited at a manufacturing facility instantly killing 70 workers. Additionally, 100 people suffered burns over as much as 95% of their bodies and presumably died within a few days. Unfortunately, this easily preventable tragedy was a surprise to almost no one. According to English-language newspaper accounts, workers at this particular facility had complained to senior management for months and even years about hazardous and unhealthy plant working conditions. Yet their cries for better safety conditions went unanswered. Instead, according to the newspaper report, the company's strategy and plan of action was to increase employee compensation and overtime to attract and reward staff for working inside of dangerous conditions. 

At CGC, we ask ourselves why easily preventable safety events are still being allowed to happen. We are committed to doing something about it in our work with companies and organizations.  We find it unacceptable with CGC's principles that some organizations would be willing to allow unsafe conditions to continue whether from being unaware of how to implement sound practices in their organizations, or from a general and more malicious lack of concern about their in-company HSE practices just to deliver goods more cheaply.

Well-established safety management systems exist and can be practically implemented step-by-step on almost off-the-shelf, For too many companies and organizations there is little thought given to worker safety. For companies with programs, processes and systems in place, lapses resulting in minor or serious injury still occur, and this is most often associated with the human and cultural elements of how work get done, and the behaviors and practices connected to staff safety being insufficient both in; ongoing awareness focus and consistency throughout many organizations and on many manufacturing, construction, mining, oil and gas or other kinds of industries and development projects.

Recognizing the need to address the human side of safety and to create a work place comprised of individuals who are committed to improve safety performance from a Zero Hazard & Preventable Harm perspective is an essential first step to foster a culture of safety performance. That is where CGC comes in. We support and guide organizations and teams to develop high performance safety cultures from the commitment of every single person company-wide. To accomplish that, it is essential to both win and continuously lead the hearts and minds of staff, workers and contractor personnel (the human side) at all organizational levels, such that the commitment to HSE becomes non-negotiable inside of a new operating culture of  Zero Hazard & Preventable Harm.
Achieving safety excellence performance unquestionably requires engaging a much wider audience to actively participate in the safety performance conversation with awareness and vigilance every day. Clients use CGC's proven methods of cultural transformation, inspirational leadership, coaching and consulting to examine and address questionable or ineffective business-as-usual safety practices. We then work with organizations and teams to increase their commitment and to accelerate their development of leaders, managers to lead and guide the next leap in their safety performance. 
The mindset shift we create makes safety performance everyone's job across all levels and job grades in an organization.