Creating World-class Safety Cultures of Performance Everywhere With Zero Hazard & Preventable Harm 

Quickly closing what can only be described as a large void between business-as-usual attitudes and behaviors on worker and employee safety in the emerging/developing world, and world-class practices in developed countries is a key part of Critical Game Consulting's Mission. Human and financial costs associated with worker Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) trade-off strategies designed to achieve cheapest production costs are unacceptably high in too many working environments for employees globally. However, this is especially prevalent in emerging/developing countries where worker-related death and serious injuries are all too common.

In the summer of 2014, in a Chinese city where a CGC consultant was working, a tragic explosion took place after dust particles ignited at a manufacturing facility instantly killing 70 workers. Additionally, 100 people suffered burns over as much as 95% of their bodies and presumably died within a few days. Unfortunately, this easily preventable tragedy was a surprise to almost no one. According to English-language newspaper accounts, workers at this particular facility had complained to senior management for months and even years about hazardous and unhealthy plant working conditions. Yet their cries for better safety conditions went unanswered. Instead, according to the newspaper report, the company's strategy and plan of action was to increase employee compensation and overtime to attract and reward staff for working inside of dangerous conditions. 

At CGC, we ask ourselves why easily preventable safety events are still being allowed to happen. We are committed to doing something about it in our work with companies and organizations.  We find it unacceptable with CGC's principles that some organizations would be willing to allow unsafe conditions to continue whether from being unaware of how to implement sound practices in their organizations, or from a general and more malicious lack of concern about their in-company HSE practices just to deliver goods more cheaply.

Well-established safety management systems exist and can be practically implemented step-by-step on almost off-the-shelf, For too many companies and organizations there is little thought given to worker safety. For companies with programs, processes and systems in place, lapses resulting in minor or serious injury still occur, and this is most often associated with the human and cultural elements of how work get done, and the behaviors and practices connected to staff safety being insufficient both in; ongoing awareness focus and consistency throughout many organizations and on many manufacturing, construction, mining, oil and gas or other kinds of industries and development projects.

Recognizing the need to address the human side of safety and to create a work place comprised of individuals who are committed to improve safety performance from a Zero Hazard & Preventable Harm perspective is an essential first step to foster a culture of safety performance. That is where CGC comes in. We support and guide organizations and teams to develop high performance safety cultures from the commitment of every single person company-wide. To accomplish that, it is essential to both win and continuously lead the hearts and minds of staff, workers and contractor personnel (the human side) at all organizational levels, such that the commitment to HSE becomes non-negotiable inside of a new operating culture of  Zero Hazard & Preventable Harm.
Achieving safety excellence performance unquestionably requires engaging a much wider audience to actively participate in the safety performance conversation with awareness and vigilance every day. Clients use CGC's proven methods of cultural transformation, inspirational leadership, coaching and consulting to examine and address questionable or ineffective business-as-usual safety practices. We then work with organizations and teams to increase their commitment and to accelerate their development of leaders, managers to lead and guide the next leap in their safety performance. 
The mindset shift we create makes safety performance everyone's job across all levels and job grades in an organization.