Performance Projects

A Critical Game Performance Project is:

  •  developed from a fresh mind-set perspective, which is free from past-based constraints. It requires new and innovative approaches and solutions to capitalize on opportunities and address challenges and problems. These Projects demand inspirational leadership, collaboration, coordinated action, and “best for project” decision-making.
  •  organized to achieve a specific set of bold and aggressive, quantifiable and record-breaking business goals. Very often, these projects require superior alignment from traditionally competitive contracting entities, or with teams who are not used to working interdependently.

Critical Game Performance Projects have set new documented industry norms in the following performance areas:

  • Significant accelerations in project milestones and schedule completion;
  • Elevated collaboration and cooperation between contracting entities and third parties;
  • Increased profits through highly successful project alliances, partnerships and relational strategies;
  • Improved effectiveness, coordination, speed and reliability on projects with multiple partners; and
  • Implementation of new project behaviours and actions that allow for breakthrough results and performance

Sample of Critical Game Performance Projects:

Increased Project Profit: Coached multiple contracting teams in a complex network of partners to dramatically reduce CAPEX for implementing additional capacity to a “live” off-shore platform. Against the industry norm and project forecast, this teams final delivery produced a 62% documented CAPEX reduction and an early completion.

Schedule Accelerations: Enhanced ROI by launching new relational model for off-shore EPC project delivery. First oil was achieved 9 months ahead of schedule; $75M cost savings in CAPEX. Winner of multiple Global Construction awards.

Superior Project Alignment: Formulated and implemented oil and construction Alliance to build 1600 retail sites across 16 markets and geographies; Against the programs forecast, the sites delivered 43% aggregate cost savings while meeting tight timelines and high visual standards. Global alliance formed and is still delivering new projects and programs world-wide.

Employee Engagement:  Launched a new set of core values, which took an organization from being "merely sales-driven and numbers focused." This new customer-first approach caused an organizational turnaround in employee alignment and participation. Their employee engagement score increased by more than 25% within 12 months taking them from worst in Asia Pacific to within a few points of being the best.

Operational Excellence: Impacted six under-performing areas in manufacturing and supply chain management inside a longer-term Manufacturing Excellence 2020 goal. Six high performance project teams were launched using our 90-day micro-strategy approach. Key results: a) delivered significant increases in staff recruitment and reduction in turnover, b) Mapped SOP and plant manufacturing process for increased operating efficiencies (92 SOPs and five plant site process maps formulated/approved), and c) significant reduction in worker safety incidents. This initial Critical Game project was followed by a Peak Season Readiness project. Key result: the manufacturing and supply chain team went from 50% to 90% readiness in four months.

Team Performance Excellence: Shifted the mindset operating behaviors of a team from being technical, tactical, transactional and territorial to being technological, team-focused and transformed (guiding, shaping, leading, integrating, performing). Team performance results have increased substantially in line with their micro-strategy goals for 2015.

Peak Performance Culture/Interventions: Dismantled turf issues and re-engaged contracting entities to meet critical project deadlines on a major off-shore gas pipeline project running 6 months behind schedule; First gas shipped on time and all contract deliverables successfully met.

Critical Game Performance Teams

Over time, corporate, team and leadership cultures “evolve or devolve” rather than being intentionally “designed”. Work practices and lines of communication develop and become embedded throughout an organization or team, forming mindsets (perceptions) that shape the thinking, action and performance. Mostly these perceptions go unexamined and can limit creativity, pro-activity, collaboration and effectiveness.

CGC works with organisations and project delivery teams to shift their existing perception to a framework of inspiration through which they view their work and business imperatives. Old work and communication practices are retired and replaced with new innovative practices. This newly designed framework inspires breakthrough thinking, action and results, mobilizing teams and their performance.

We are primarily engaged by corporate clients to deliver significant and sustainable performance shifts in the following areas:

Peoplewe help and guide teams to remove persistent barriers or constraints which may be keeping them from working collaboratively as a high performance team. We provide tools and approaches to help them see the limitations of how they are currently operating, to break down functional silos, and shift inherited culture, focus and conversational dialogue from “I/me/mine” to “We/ours”.

Purpose: we help teams to establish clarity about their larger purpose inside of a future that they aspire to create together which fulfills not only their individual concerns, but also addresses the larger concerns (often undefined or unstated) of their company, and the communities and society in which they operate.

Process: in order to function at the level of high performance, internal processes and systems must be rapidly re-designed to support high performance and the people who they are intended to serve or support. We create short to long-term projects which go to work on those areas where performance is sub-optimal with a focus on how to make processes/systems operate substantially better.

: the results produced by a highly committed team, one which is aligned around a larger purpose, and working collaboratively with efficient processes and systems in place, will rather naturally achieve a significant shift upward in performance vs. a team working inside a different context of survival and working independently, for example.