The Impact of Values & Vision-driven Leadership on Performance


The most effective leaders hold themselves accountable and are fully committed making bold things happen. They do this by being on the cutting-edge of innovation, effectiveness and competitiveness, and by leading their organizations from having a clear vision and set of values, which powerfully shapes performance, leadership, engagement, accountability and decision-making. The management of people and monitoring of systems and processes through such things as procurement activities and KPIs is insufficient. 

Most true leaders commit first with a remarkable clarity of direction and purpose, and then figure out strategically and operationally how to achieve their vision, goals and aspirations by engaging and aligning their teams.

 To succeed also requires the presence of a strong grow-learn-expand culture and a powerful context for learning and development. Leaders constantly prepare and equip themselves, their tribes and teams in new ways of thinking, acting, behaving, and organizing to continuously keep their vision and  dream alive, and to elevate not only the achievement of high performance results, but are also focused on the ways in which that new performance is achieved by keeping the human dimension of performance always in the line of sight.
 One-on-one executive coaching is often a critical success factor to support the achievement of bold and aspirational outcomes across an organization and over time. Coaching can be very effective to help keep the end-prize thinking and  focus at the forefront to enhance a leader's ability to inspire, encourage and develop the next generation of high potentials and build high performance teams.