Critical Game Consulting is a management and leadership consulting firm that global business leaders come to when they need game-changing results to accomplish business-critical imperatives, what we call their "Critical Game." In partnership with our clients, we develop new contexts for leadership, performance, culture, strategy and implementation to take them way beyond current predictable performance trends and circumstances, and into a new world of invented possibility, future and high performance.

We initiate Critical Game Performance Projects (company-wide, or at the level of department/function) with a focused approach to guide the project teams (usually groups of 12 to 30 people) through an intense and inspiring discovery process of: diagnosis, definition, design, development and delivery of breakthrough micro-strategies. This sequential discovery process allows them to identify and challenge their current company or team operating state, such as: 

  • performing well or very well: want to design and implement what's next after next (shift upward to industry-level game-changing) 
  • under-performing or flat-line growth: want to upgrade their performance (shift upward to high performance)
  • in need of turnaround, restructuring or systems/process re-engineering: want viability or greater financial sustainability (shift upward to solid, sustainable growth followed by a high performance next stage).

Critical Game consultants bring passion our clients can feel by:

  • creating high performance team cultures inside of a new context for leadership and results 
  • engaging team members around a clear, shared purpose and direction
  • inventing and aligning on a new and possible future, and then having it be realized.

We produce unpredictable results our clients can see by:

  • helping them to explore new perspectives, approaches and directions

  • guiding them to take on new behaviours and actions to achieve high performance outcomes

  • achieving game changing business results for a Critical Game imperative.

Our senior consultants have extensive leadership experience across many industries in our key offerings areas of focus:

  • project performance
  • compliance
  • safety
  • coaching
  • operational excellence

    We partner with clients in the following industries and sectors:
  • healthcare: pharmaceuticals, medical devices, animal health and distribution
  • agrochemicals
  • oil, gas and energy
  • construction and property development
  • alternative energy sources
  • manufacturing and supply chain management

 The Mission of Critical Game Consulting is to:

  • create a positive impact for the organizations, people, teams and societies we serve
  • connect people, teams and organizations together inside a common and aligned purpose
  • provide excellent results and exceptional value in everything we do in line with the purpose, goals and aspirations of our clients
  • perform our work in a way that inspires and empowers the people we work with to achieve what they thought they could not.

Performance & Projects


A Critical Game is a must-win situation. Imagine the last F-1 race of the year with just one lap left to go to decide who will be  world champion. For a few minutes in time, the world stops for the two involved drivers. Winning is everything - 2nd place is first loser. That is Critical Game.



Compliance and Safety (health,employee safety and environment) are very different things with close similarities. 



Closing the gap between good and world class safety performance. 




We employ work and empower teams and individuals to achieve their invented future of desired high performance results. 

Our Clients

What is a Critical Game? It is a must-win business performance imperative that an organization, team or group of individuals initiate and focus their attention on inside of an invented game of current and future performance that they bring a high level of commitment to in order to accomplish or win. A Critical Game is something that a team or group of individuals see as something they aspirationally desire to achieve at a deep and fundamental level analytically, intellectually and emotionally. For them, their critical game is worth going all-out for. It has specific and well defined strategies, milestones or goalposts, clear roles and responsibilities and a clearly defined performance end-state which defines success.

At Critical Game Consulting, our work with clients is frequently focused on performance projects in the following areas:

-Leadership and Performance
-Executive Coaching