In today's fast-paced world of continuous discoveries and launches of new technologies and products, significant innovations and events hit the global network instantaneously. If business as usual was ever usual, it certainly no longer is. Many companies and teams struggle to keep pace with external innovation and constant change, while being asked to deliver continuously higher levels of performance, and often with less resources.

 Winning a company's critical game in a new environment may be challenging. However, the real Achilles heel for most organizations and teams typically stems from age-old challenges in the dimension of human performance, such as: a)  an unarticulated or uninspiring vision, mission and culture which is not tied to organizational core values, b) poorly thought through and implemented strategies which do not achieve desired outcomes, and c) insufficient teamwork, engagement and partnership.

 Critical Game Consulting (CGC) is a global leadership and management consulting firm, with primary operations in Asia. We guide organizations and teams to meet the challenges of delivering high performance outcomes in fast-paced environments, which powerfully address the important dimension of human performance. Our programs are designed not only to "keep pace" but also to "outpace." Clients hire us to develop high performance and adaptive teams, who can ask "what's possible" rather than "what's predictable or likely." They count on us to develop strong leaders with a clear vision of the future they wish to create, and the strategic pathways and associated outcomes to lead and guide them to success.

CGC is game-changing focused in our commitment to having our clients win again and again. We guide and support companies to make transformational or turnaround performance in the following areas:



Performance Projects


CGC Performance Projects
begin by understanding what circumstances (perceived or real) may be shaping or limiting team performance. We then work with teams to: design and invent a new future vision  inside a workshop called: ADEPT
 (Access to Delivering Extraordinary Performance & Teamwork) with short and
longer term outcomes, and a 90-day Micro-strategy launch. Performance projects
demand from participants: inspirational leadership,
outstanding strategic thinking, and implementation,
 innovation, partnership and coordinated action over a sustained period of at least 3-6 months.

Corporate Compliance

Pre-emptive VS. REACTIVE

Company reputation
impact from Compliance-related mistakes can be staggering in scope, as we have seen in healthcare recently. Companies recognize that just doing the basics and dealing with possible fallout later (the "hope" strategy) is no longer viable. CGC employs a Discover/Diagnose Design/ Develop process to empower teams to achieve a desired pre-emptive state of certainty for 
Compliance in the longer
 term, which matches
 company values and business practices. We focus equally on contextual and content-related issues.


Manufacturing & Supply Chain


Operational Excellence starts from a holistic, integrated view of  how people, systems and processes can best be
 aligned to produce high quality products, goods or materials cost-effectively, and with a built-in focus on no-harm or compromises on worker safety. CGC's performance approach is focused to achieve cross-organizational high
performance and 
continuous improvements
through Performance Project and Micro-strategy launch approaches, which are focused on embedding the core principles of OPEX and delivering its benefits. 

Executive Coaching


CGC works with  executive teams, groups or emerging-leader individuals to create highly aligned articulations of purpose, leadership, vision and strategy. We accomplish this by coaching participants how to design an “Inspiring Strategic Frame” inside of our ADEPT framework, and which is based on their Core Values. These new approaches can galvanize
team members to take action to accomplish well-defined breakthrough outcomes that can be acted upon immediately through a 90-day Micro-strategy launch plan. 


Our Clients